This wiki is simply a portal to my online presence.

Wikis: If you come across a wiki that is set to private, please ask to join the wiki.
Buhler iPads

iPads ELA

iPads Math (still in progress!)

Infographics in Education - a wiki for learning about infographics and for learning how to create them using a variety of elements.

Opening Minds with a New Set of Keys

Countdown to Christmas - an advent calendar for teachers to help them learn a new tool each day in December (created in December 2009).

Oh the Places You'll Go - a wiki for Buhler Grade Teachers on Google Earth and their Dr. Suess theme (created August 2010).

I See What You Mean - Visual Literacy

Sixth Grade Math - Chapter 4

Quilting - Using Pages to make quilt blocks (This is still a work in progress!)

Pages - tutorials on how to use Pages

Interactive Whiteboards - help for learning how to use the interactive white boards

Differentiated Instruction

Buhler Fifth Grade - each K-6 PLC has a wiki for adding their yearly plans and online resources, this is just an example of one grade level

Buhler Technology - a wiki full of tutorials for tech cadre

Settle Down - a wiki for 5th graders on the early settlements (created in November 2010 - I revealed a page each day until Thanksgiving)

Paper Slide Videos

Research Recipe - many resources for research

Metrics for Sixth Grade

Google Docs

Where in the World Am I? 3rd grade Geography
"Plants/Soil" 4th grade Math & Science
My notes from ISTE in Philly, 2011

Contact Information

Twitter: mfrazier313
Skype: mfrazier313
facebook: Mary Swindell Frazier